April 4, 2019

Effective Leadership Takes Head, Heart, & Guts

12:00PM to 1:30PM
Effective Leadership Takes Head, Heart, & Guts

Many ancient wisdom teachings have put great emphasis on checking into one’s own ‘Innate Intelligence,’ speaking about following the wisdom of the heart and gut feelings. In recent years technology and neuroscience have finally advanced enough to prove these wisdom teachings to be correct, so we now know that our bodies have not one, but ‘Three Brains’. Each of which has different ways of ‘Knowing.’

It explains the clash between what we think and what we often feel. Only by understanding the three brains can we arrive at a point where we can make better decisions, stay in touch with what values are most important, and to take the appropriate action needed to reach our goals.

Come and learn how you can use the ‘Innate Intelligence’ of your ‘Three Brains’ to be a more effective leader as you scale your startup.

This session will be lead by Richard LeBoon, a current Ph.D. student focusing his research on how the performance of a 'Startup Founder' has a direct effect on the scaling of their startup. Richard’s Ph.D. research is a continuation of his master’s capstone research at the University of Pennsylvania. Richard is also the Founder, CEO of www.PivotUP.co a 'Modern Performance Coaching Company' that works with ‘Startup Founders' to help them 'Scale their Performance.' 

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Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Effective Leadership Takes Head, Heart, & Guts

Pennovation Center, 3401 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19146

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