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The Power of Pennovation Works: Company Showcase [event recap]

On November 10th we hosted The Power of Pennovation Works: Company Showcase.  In recognition of the 5th year anniversary of Pennovation Works, five companies from the Pennovation ecosystem, shared their startup stories and recent milestones. The virtual event was moderated by Michael Poisel, Executive Director of PCI Ventures.

Speakers included entrepreneurs from Pennovation Works and affiliated programs including Pennovation Center, Pennovation Accelerator, and JPOD @ Philadelphia. The companies highlighted varied in stage, from early start-ups to growth stage companies and represented different industries from life sciences to robotics.

Featured speakers

In case you missed part of the company showcase or would like to revisit the discussion, you can find a recording of the full program here, or click the names of the speakers above to start listening to their stories.


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